Another Fun Class & New Location!

Happy Sunday!  I know  it has been a while since I posted last so I wanted to jump on this morning and get something out to you guys.  Although I have not been posting, I have been busy planning out my class schedules and really trying to focus on where I want/need to spend my time.  I enjoy being live and face to face with you guys so I have been working on my in person classes.  I have recently had a change in locations, so working out all the kinks has been my focus.   I was really unsure about the new space.  I don’t hold classes in my own home and have relied on a perfectly sized room at my day job.  With the focus on growing my business, I decided that I needed to take my classes to a place that was more public.  I am happy to say that I am now offering classes at my local Hobby Lobby.  While the classroom isn’t the quaint little room that I am use to,  I was really happy with how class turned out.

Now I need to give a huge shout out to my team (Charlene, Deb, Aggie, Mimi & my daughter Emmy) as they really are what keep me together and allow me to believe that it will all work out and remind me not to “over think it.”  Thank you girls, YOU ROCK!

So as you can imagine with my team supporting me, this month’s class was a success and I really ended up loving the new space.  Sure there are still things to work out, but they are doable.  We even had a few new guests join us this month and to my surprise one of them was brand new (as in never stamped or  made a single card before).  It was so exciting to watch her create her first card, and she did great.

It has been so long since I made my first card I forgot the excitement that comes when you first put ink to paper and have turned nothing into something.  She and her friend were an awesome addition to our group.

So here is a look at this month’s cards:

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