Day 12 – FINAL DAY of the 2016 Holiday Card Series

So sorry guys that this post didn’t go live.  I had it all tee’d up to post last week and I just noticed that it never did.  However, if you are a YouTube Subscriber than you have already seen this card.


Don’t you just LOVE that Red Door?  This is  truly my vision for my front door.  My mother-in-law just recently installed a red front door and I can be truly honest with you and tell you, I AM SO JEALOUS!  Although I do not have the red door, I will have this wreath.  So as you can tell, this card project was indeed inspired by my holiday decorating vision.  The step by step video is below and I did not show all the die cutting involved in this card, because there was a lot (not gonna lie here), but I think the end result was totally worth it!  All the supplies are listed  below.